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Sunset Farms

We consider it a privilege to be stewards of creation, and therefore strive to farm in a way that is environmentally sustainable. We employ cover crops to add organic matter to our soils and prevent erosion. We utilize a crop and livestock rotation sequence that builds soil fertility naturally. We use few, if any sprays to control insects, instead relying on natural insect predators and crop rotation. All of these practices enhance our farm for us and future generations.

The Murray Family

Three generations live and work on Sunset Farms. Working together as a family is fundamental to our beliefs and our farm. Pictured from left to right: Gary, Harlon Jude, Wanda, Eston, Adela Marin, Jamie Brie and Chris Murray.

In August of 2013, Gary Murray, founder of Sunset Farms died at the age of 68. He battled renal cancer for over 3 years. Prior to this he sold at the Carrboro Farmers Market every Saturday from May-August since 1982. Sweet corn and German Johnson tomatoes were some of his favorites to grow, sell, and eat. Chris, JamieBrie and the kids moved into Gary’s growing up home next door to Wanda, Gary’s wife and Chris’ mother, in March. They plan to open a roadside farmstand to take advantage of it’s location on Highway 49 south.

Pastured Poultry

Pastured Poultry

We produce both pastured egg layers and pastured broilers. Our hens range within portable netting and roost and lay eggs in a portable coop or “Egg Mobile.” Our broilers are kept in floorless pens and rotated to fresh forage daily. Our birds are given all the fresh green grass they can eat, along with non-antibiotic, hormone free feeds. All of this ensures meat and eggs full of flavor and nutrition. Our hens are fed 100% organic grains which are milled locally. This means a far superior egg, and nothing GMO in their diets.

Fruits & Veggies

 Fresh Fruits and Veggies

We grow a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables including strawberries, tomatoes, squash, pepper, eggplant, corn, okra, melons, herbs, beans, onions, potatoes, arugula, lettuce and many more. This produce is harvested frequently and sold fresh through the Carrboro and Durham Farmers’ Markets as well as our CSA which is distributed directly to member’s neighborhoods.

Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef

We provide beef that is 100% grass fed with no added hormones of any kind. Producing beef in this way ensures a superior tasting product that is better for you and the environment. Grass fed beef has a significantly lower saturated fat content than corn fed beef. When done the right way, beef has a multitude of nutritional properties for our bodies.